Printable Kids Technology Tokens

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Funner in the Summer from Thirty Handmade Days Next up for Funner in the Summer–  Pam and Dana from Over the Big Moon.  I was so excited when these girls sent over this fun idea.  We so need this in our home! I got to meet them at SNAP this year too (SNAP was a good year for me – meeting all these fun friends) and I’m a fan of all of the fun they post.   Crafts, recipes, printables.  They love the same kind of things that I do.  Make sure to visit them!


Hello 30 Handmade Days readers! We are absolutely thrilled to be here today! I am Lisa and I blog at Over the Big Moon with my awesome partner and friend Pam. Our blog is a little bit of everything that has to do with family, motherhood, and anything else related to our homes. We love to offer free printables, fun family traditions, decor ideas, recipes, and anything else that might help women in their homes and with their families!

Summer seems to be wrapping up quickly and I am not ready! It’s important to me that during these last few weeks that we don’t allow our summer to be taken over by technology!  These could also be great to help control the technology or TV watching once school has started too!

technology tokens3

I created these fun Technology Tokens to hand out to my kids once a week. In order to play on the iPad or computer they have to turn their tokens in for time. It’s an easy way to keep track of the time they are playing on devices, without too much effort. It also gives them control over how much they use at one time.

You can decide what system works best for your family – whether you hand them out daily or weekly!  I know Pam is going to pass them out daily, because her children are younger (6 and under) and it’s harder for them to understand that if they use them they’ll be out for the week.

technology tokens

Simply print them and cut them. I would suggest printing on cardstock and if you want you could laminate them too!

technology tokens2

I left a background on the image, so you can cut them with straight paper cutter. Or if you want you can cut them into circles.
Download these technology tokens.  For personal use only.  Thanks!

technology tokens1

Have a great rest of the summer! Come visit us and check out some of our fun ideas like our free Pre-K packs, our Disneyland series, and all of our Elf on the Shelf ideas!