Easy Peach Frozen Yogurt

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Hello again!  It’s Cheryl from That’s What {Che} Said… I’m mixing things up this month and sharing one of my most favorite go-to dessert treats with you all…Easy Peach Frozen Yogurt!  With only 4 ingredients, it whips up in a matter of minutes and you have a fabulous and fresh dessert to enjoy without any guilt!

Easy Peach Frozen Yogurt at thatswhatchesaid.net

I am not sure what the weather has been like in your neck of the woods but here in the Midwest, where I set up camp, it’s been a long, LONG, winter.  Spring may or may not be joining us here, it’s hard to tell!  80’s one day and 50’s the next!  We might just jump to summer, who knows!   While Mother Nature is figuring out what mood she is in, I am whipping up batch after batch of this delicious goodness and my boys (and the bun in the oven) are loving every minute of it!

This is so easy and with only 4 ingredients and help from the grocery store I get to say “YES!” when they ask me to make them more!  Here’s what you’ll need to make your own!


  • 1 bag of frozen peaches, 16 ounces.
  • 1 container of yogurt
  • Juice from 1/2 a small lemon
  • 2-3 tablespoons of honey

I like to use Vanilla Greek Yogurt with this because we are huge Greek yogurt fans.  If you are not, then feel free to use your favorite brand and kind of non-fat yogurt!  I love being able to add extra protein from the Greek yogurt to anything my kids are devouring!

Making the Frozen Yogurt is as simple as the ingredients!

Add to a blender or food processor

Blend Ingredients in Frozen Yogurt

Blend until smooth and creamy

Easy Blended Fruit Frozen Yogurt

You can serve it straight from here and it will have the consistency of soft serve.  You can also chill it in a 8 x 8 pan in the freezer if you’d rather scoop it!  I store in the freezer in an air tight container and honestly cannot tell you how long it will last in your freezer because ours gets eaten faster than I can make it!

Easy Frozen Yogurt at thatswhatchesaid.net


Get creative!  You can pretty much alternate several other frozen fruits to make different variations!  Strawberries, Pineapple, Mango, Cherries…the options are endless!  You could also mix and match!  How good does peach-pineapple-mango sound?  Maybe with some coconut yogurt!  Mmm…my taste buds are already watering!  Get creative with your combinations or keep it straight and simple!  Either way you will enjoy this simple dessert!

As always, my door is always open and I’d love for you to pop over and check out some of my other recipes and projects I have going on!

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Thanks for eating with me today!  I love being over here and sharing my love for…well pretty much everything!

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  1. Morgan says

    Just a heads up that when you just have a run of the mill, ordinary blender this is quite the process! It took me about 20-25 minutes of pulsing, waiting for the blades to stop spinning, and shoving more peaches down into the blades to get this to a smooth consistency. Just because my blender can’t handle such a thick consistency.

    It was still totally delicious and worth it, just know it’ll be more work if you have a $20 blender.

  2. Diana Hotchkiss says

    Help…my daughter would love this recipe except she is allergic to acid fruits; lemons, oranges, limes. Hoping you can come up with something else that can be used. Thank you so much

  3. Mindy S. says

    Can you use artificial sweeteners instead of honey and how much should you use?

  4. says

    My son is an ice cream freak, but I don’t want him eating it all the time. This is a a great alternative. Thank you for sharing with See Ya in the Gumbo this week!

    • says

      Same here Michelle! All my boys (including my husband) LOVE ice cream. I substitute this and they never even question it! They love it!

  5. says

    Oh my goodness, peaches sound so good right now, and I bet the creamy cold texture would make it even better!

    • says

      The frozen peaches certainly do make it fantastic! I can’t wait for pick your own peach season! I will probably just freeze those when the time comes!

    • says

      Oh you will LOVE your Blendtec and this frozen yogurt is perfect for the littles for the warmer weather approaching! :)