Over 36 Yards of Fabric – Woohoo!

Over 36 yards of fabric to giveaway to one lucky reader!!

There is nothing we love more than fabric! (except maybe caramel….or a good bean and cheese burrito :) We have combined forces to give one lucky reader the MAMA JAMMA of GIVEAWAYS! We are talking over 36 yards of delicious fabric goodness!!! Sugar Bee Crafts || Delia Creates || Lolly Jane || Eighteen 25 || The Sewing Rabbit || Polka Dot Chair || The 36th Avenue || Kiki and Company [Read More…]

Simple Fabric Heart Coasters Tutorial

Simple Fabric Heart CoThe cutest Fabric Heart Coasters - tutorial and pattern included. Simple to make, perfect beginner sewing project. So cute!asters- absolutely adroable and simple to make! www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Hi 30 Days readers! I’m Allie from Miss Lovie and I’m here to share an easy sewing tutorial with  you today, my fabric heart coasters! These would make a perfect gift for your mom, sister, or a friend on Valentine’s Day. They’d also be a great hostess gift any time of the year! For these coasters, I used an inverse applique method I will show you. You could use this [Read More…]

Sweet Stocking Stuffer – Handmade Owl Heat Pack


Hi there friends! Hope everyone is surviving the countdown to Christmas! I can’t believe we only have…. a couple of weeks. oh yo, I need to get crackin’.  We are always searching for awesomely unique and super rad ideas for gifts. Today we are going to do a quick tutorial on our owl warmer guys. We first made these for our own kiddlets and after a few requests decided to sell [Read More…]

DIY Fabric + Yarn Tree


Hi 30 Days readers! Michelle here with I DO invitations by michelle and I’m excited to share with you this DIY fabric and yarn tree I made.   What you need:Fake Tree Fabric Scissors Yarn   1. Cut small thin strips of fabric – there really is no certain way to do it. I tried one first and tied it around the end of the branch to see what I [Read More…]

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial


Here’s a quilt that is as simple as sewing a straight line. That’s right … no intricate piecing or quilting, just lots and lots of straight lines. This is a wonderful beginner project and a great way to get practice while actually sewing something wonderful! I didn’t invent this style of quilting and the idea of sewing a bunch of strips together is nothing new either. It just happens to [Read More…]

Rose Flower Tutorial

I’m excited to welcome Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom back for a Funner in the Summer post! She has so many fun ideas on her blog.  I especially love all of her tips.  And today she’s sharing a super cute flower tutorial.  Hello! I’m Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom. Excited to be a part of Mique’s Funner in the Summer series again this year. I am here to show you [Read More…]

Patchwork Placemats Tutorial

Hi guys! I’m back this week with the tutorial on how to make the patchwork placemats I showed you 2 weeks ago. Like I said before, I love this project. I love it’s simplicity for a beginner, but the versatility and speediness for a more seasoned seamstress. I’ll even give you a few ideas at the end of the post on just what else you can create with this basic [Read More…]

Embroidered Thank You Card

Hello there, 30 days readers! It’s Allison from little lovelies, here to share an easy embroidery project with you. I have been sharing all kinds of needlework posts here on Mique’s blog, so take a look through my older posts for stitching tutorials and project inspiration. Today I am going to share a quick tutorial for making this sweet embroidered thank you card. It’s a great way to practice stitching [Read More…]

Fabric: How to pick it & where to buy it


One of the compliments I receive the most, about my products, is my fabric combination. I love this {not because I’m being complimented, that makes me blush} because this is also one of my favorite pieces of the ‘creating a product’ puzzle. Picking fabric seems to come naturally to me. I’m sure it’s similar to a musician being in tune {haha} with music {which I know NOTHING about} … an [Read More…]

Stitched Heart Bookmarks

Valentine cards

Hello 30 days readers! It’s Allison from little lovelies, here to share an embroidery project with you! This project is so easy and involves so little embroidery that I feel like a cheater even calling it one, but since you have to pick up a needle and thread, we’ll just say it counts.  In time for Valentine’s day, I have come up with the perfect gift to give to all [Read More…]