Top Free Fonts I Use Every Day!

Top Free Fonts I use every day! | Thirty Handmade Days

I get asked a lot of questions about my printables and designs. I wish that I could respond to each and every question but there’s just not enough time in the day! I do answer questions quicker over on my Facebook page so visit me over there.  But I wanted to address some of the things that I get asked over and over — the main thing is about fonts. [Read More…]

Favorite Free Banner Fonts

Favorite Free Downloadable Banner Fonts via

It’s been a little bit since I shared my favorite fonts with you.  Next up I’m talking banner fonts.  In my last post I talked about how to pair up fonts.  The fonts I’m sharing today are more for graphic elements and when you want to add something to make it stand out.    These are a few of my favorites: Click below to download these banner fonts- It Was a [Read More…]

How to Pair Fonts Together

How to pair your favorite fonts

I love fonts. La la la love them.   I’ve shared several posts of my favorite free fonts.  Today I want to talk about how to pair your favorite ones together. There are a few things to keep in mind when picking out fonts to go together. -LESS IS MORE. Choose two to three fonts at a time at the most.  (unless you’re creating subway art or something along those lines) [Read More…]

Free Fonts Just In Time for Summer!

Free Fonts to Download

Fonts are on my top 3 love list: Josh, kids, then fonts.   Just kidding! (ish)  But I really do love them.  I’ve shared several posts with my favorite free fonts and I’m back for edition number 5 for this year. Fabulous fonts to download Motion Picture // Vintage One // Slab Thing // Whip Smart // Code PRO // Waking Up  //   State Face (dingbat) // Raleigh Rock // [Read More…]

Cool Fonts That Any Tween Would Want!

Favorite Cool Fonts, Perfect for Tweens

It seems like out of the blue, my eleven year old is a full blown tween.  She loves picking outfits and blasting music (especially if it’s One Direction). I started collecting cool fonts that reminded me of her.  I used some of them in my One Direction printable lunch bags recently and thought you all might enjoy them as well. Cool fonts to download Bow // Blackout 2 AM // [Read More…]

Free Downloadable Fonts for Spring

Favorite Free Fonts to Download

I’m back with some of my recent favorite downloadable fonts.  I’m always on the lookout for new and unique ones.  I like a good mix of serif, sans serif, dingbats, and handwriting.  Because I use them so much in printables, my collection keeps growing and growing.  But let’s be honest, even without printables I’d still have a big old collection.   Biko Impregnable Langdon  Peoni Patterns SAVU Condensed Fyra Sanchez [Read More…]

Favorite Free Fonts + Dingbats to Add to Your Growing Collection

Favorite Free Fonts from @30daysblog

I recently shared some of my favorite free fonts for the new year.  Wouldn’t ya know that my collection has grown!?  (he he — not surprising at all)  I’m here to help you grow your font collection too. Free fonts to download   Janda Flower Doodles // Rouge Script // Mathlete KG Part of Me // Subway Novella //  KG Flavors & Frames   Monologue  //  L & C Hairline // [Read More…]

Confessions of a Fontaholic 2


Last month I started “Confessions of a Fontaholic” to share some of my very favorite fonts.  I loved the ones shared in the comments- fontaholics unite! This time the fonts come from my “Life is Short, Eat Dessert First” cookies in a can post. Here are the fonts I used: Coney Island Ostrich Sans Black Deming (yes again) Dyspepsia  In my last fontaholic post I was asked about the “font” [Read More…]

Confessions of a Fontaholic

Printable Gift Bag Fonts

Because I adore making printables and make them often, I get emails and comments asking about fonts that I used for projects a lot. I’m starting a new series- Pin It Sometimes I’ll just share new ones I find.  Other times I’ll give you fonts that I used for specific projects that I get asked about.  Like this one: Pin It This is from my Printable Gift Bag post. These [Read More…]