Monster Fruit Dip with Mouthy Apples

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Labor Day passed (hope you had a fabulous day!) and I feel like I can finally post some Halloween fun.  Monster Fruit Dip with Mouthy Apples are the perfect snack for your kids or a little side dish for a party.  My kids got a kick out of the eyes in this easy to make dip.  Over the next few weeks you’ll see several posts geared towards the cute/fun ideas for Halloween rather than the spooky/scary ones. Monster Fruit Dip- fun kids snack that's perfect for Halloween from

Gather a few ingredients and you are all set.  Little effort with maximum affect- win/win for everyone!  I love pistachio flavored things – this dip has a different taste than your average fruit dip.  I found the edible eyes (Wilton brand) at Joann’s but have seen them at other stores and online as well.

Monster Fruit Dip with Mouthy Apples
  • (1) 8 oz. container Cool Whip
  • (1) small package pistachio instant pudding mix
  • (1) 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
  • (1) package edible eyes
  • Fruit - bananas, apples, raspberries, etc, cut up mouthy apples
  • Mini marshmallows for apples
Monster Fruit Dip
  1. Soften cream cheese.
  2. Fold in Cool Whip and pistachio pudding mix.
  3. Chill.
  4. Add edible eyes for decoration.
Mouthy apples
  1. Cut red apples into quarters.
  2. Slice a triangle shape on the top of the skin of each slice and scoop out "meat" of the apple the leaving an open spot for marshmallows.
  3. Stuff marshmallows into the empty space.
  4. *Can use peanut butter to secure marshmallows onto the apples.

If you’re not a pistachio fan, you could use vanilla pudding mix and add food coloring.
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  1. Heidi says

    This looks like a fun treat that I know my kids will eat. And I’m glad it’s not a scary/spooky thing either – I prefer the cute side of Halloween too :)

    Totally off subject, but would you mind sharing the fonts you used for the words Monster fruit dip in the first picture? I really like those……

    • says

      Hi Shannon- I got the eyes at Joann’s. But I saw them at Michaels the other day. I’ve added them to so many things lately!