A Simple List to Keep Your Home Clean: Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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A Simple List to Keep Your Home Clean: Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule from wwwthirtyhandmadedays.com

I shared a cleaning schedule from a friend the other day on my Facebook page. There were lots of people who found it helpful. But then there was a whole lot of people who said that it wasn’t realistic. Especially for those who work.  I asked if anyone would be interested in another, simpler version and everyone said YES! There were tons of comments with useful advice.  (Have I mentioned how much I love the interacting that goes on over there?  Join in!)  I took the advice and tried to come up with a cleaning schedule that is doable.  There are about 2910921029101291 different ways to having a successful routine.  As always, take what works from this post for you and go for it!
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And here’s where the truth comes out…  in the spirit of full disclosure…. I have a cleaning lady who comes to my house.  I feel very fortunate and don’t take it lightly.  I’ve had someone come for a long time but as this blog of mine turned more than full time (does it surprise you that I spend more than 40 hours a week creating, photographing, editing, posting and promoting 30days?), something had to give and they are coming more often.  But these checklists still apply in order to keep on top of the day to day stuff.
5 simple daily tasks to keep your home clean www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Here are the 5 simple daily tasks to keep your home clean:

    The kitchen is the hub of our home.  It can be the most out of control.  In my opinion, it needs attention every day.  Now what this means for you is up to you – it could mean just making sure everything is put away, the dishes are done and the counters cleared off.  It could mean spraying everything down, sweeping and more.  That’s your call.
    I broke dishes off from the kitchen because they are their own beast.  These also need attention every day or else they grow quickly out of control.  I have my kids rotate who cleans and who puts away.  Having a clean sink is the best feeling in the world.  Am I right?
    Chores is a generic term.  Choosing ONE thing a day to accomplish is doable.  It can be whatever you want – taking out the trash, cleaning a bathroom, stripping down sheets to wash… anything.  I think the key is to rotate it so that everything is attended to and you’re not doing the same one every day.
    I know this one is up for debate.  There are some people that do laundry once a week.  I’ve tried a ton of different ways to stay on top of laundry.  It is one of the things I can’t stand the most.  Mostly the putting away part.  I get caught up and then I get behind.  It’s a vicious cycle.  But I really feel like the key is to do one load a day. On my sheet I broke it down by whites, lights, darks and catch up.  If that doesn’t work for you, that’s ok.  Do what works for you.  Did you read my laundry tips on what not to do?
    Have you ever timed yourself?  10 minutes doesn’t seem like that long but it’s amazing how much can get accomplished.  And 10 minutes feels doable to me.  I get distracted when I clean for long periods of time.  But 10 minutes?  No biggie.  This 10 minutes is meant to get things to the right spot.

I’ll create a deep cleaning sheet in the future but for now, this is to help get you going on the daily tasks.
A Simple List to Keep Your Home Clean: Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule. Thirty Handmade Days

Something else?  You need to get your family involved.  This is another post for another day (I’m working on it).  But there is no reason for one person to be in charge of everything.  And truthfully, your kids and/or spouse are missing out on contributing to the family if they don’t help.  Kids need to learn how to be a part of the cleaning schedule so that they know how to clean and so that they learn team work.  Are you with me on this?
I created little boxes on the printable so that you can assign the jobs to a family member with their initial.  That way everyone knows what they are in charge of for that day.

A Simple List to Keep Your Home Clean: Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule. | Thirty Handmade DaysIf you’d rather not break it down by person, you can also use the boxes just to check off your chores.
Want to take it a step further?  LAMINATE this sheet.  You know me and my love for my laminator! You could laminate this and use a dry erase marker to check things off or assign.

A Simple List to Keep Your Home Clean: Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule from thirtyhandmadedays.com

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For personal use only.  Thank you.

Note: There are several variations.  You don’t have to print them all out.  Simply select which pages you want in the printer settings and print!


30 Must Try Cleaning Tips!

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  4. Jennyroo says

    I am a single mom working full time with three boys. Laundry is a beast! I call it Mount Laundry Never-Done.

    What saves me is that I try to be totally caught up (i.e. baskets empty and everything washed, folded and put away) twice a week – on Wednesday and on Sunday. That gives me a little leeway with the rest of the week. Sometimes I do a load every day, sometimes not. Many days there is a pile of clean laundry on the couch waiting to be folded and put away. The bedding and towels I do on the weekend when I have more time. The constant pile of laundry waiting to be folded or waiting to be put away is what drives me bonkers. Knowing that twice a week I have that handled really helps my sanity! :)

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  17. Kerrie says

    I am in love with the layout for the schedule! Thanks a ton for having a blank one so that it can be filled in with the tasks that work best for our family! I love when things are customizable like this since not every family is the same. I always had a hard time finding a cute blank to make my own. I was also able to type on the blank so that it looks neat and now to laminate it so that I can use it week after week and save on printer ink and paper!

  18. Talia says

    This is such a great list, and so doable! It’s a beautiful schedule that I can’t wait to use, thank you for sharing!

  19. says

    I have a chalkboard five daily and once a week I have a reset to zero day. Laundry is not possible everyday solely due to energy costs. It’s once a week for me on my reset day and bedding is once a month. I wash up twice a day and no more because of the cost of hot water. That is a reality facing a lot of people on hardship/in-work poverty that everything must be measured out for cost. Even hot running water. I run my own tumblr called Surviving Austerity finding creative ways to manage on hardship and stay sane, even managing cleaning on a budget has to be considered. I even go without live TV to save on the tv lisence.

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  21. says

    These are great tips to start off 2015 organized! Thank you SO much for sharing, I’m going to pin this to my Pinterest board to look at!!

  22. Susan W says

    Thank you SOOOOOO much!! I love the beautiful, colorful charts you create!!! I showed my husband the Family Binder, Budget and Holiday versions and he LOVED them. THANK YOU MiQUE!!!!

  23. Cheri says

    I started doing a little cleaning every day about 4 months ago. it’s been great. On my daily list is Wipe down the bathroom ( I keep Lysol wipes in my vanity & wipe all surfaces daily. Takes about 3 minutes) Then do a complete cleaning once a week. And I wipe the kitchen counters down every night and scrub out the kitchen sink. Forces you to have dishes done and kitchen uncluttered before I go to bed.


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