Children’s Book Page Heart Valentines

These Children's Book Page Candy-Filled Hearts are so cute and a perfect way to recycle some old books! Miss Lovie for Thirty Handmade Days

  Hello, 30 Days readers! I'm Allie from Miss Lovie and today I'm going to share with you my Children's Book Page Heart Valentines! If you've been on the internet at all, then you've seen sewn paper heart pouches all over the place. I LOVE them. I've been dying to make some for awhile. I'm a kindergarten teacher and every year I try to make my kids' valentines so I … [Read more...]

Super fun Valentine Love Flag

Valentines decor

Are you getting sick of Valentines projects yet?  NO?  Good.  Me neither.  Today you can find me at Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke sharing my ugly brown wall family room pictures and how I make them pop just a bit. I recently found this globe for $7.99 at Goodwill.   Score! I saw a couple for $40-$50 at other shops and kept holding out.  So when I spotted this beauty I was so … [Read more...]

My most favorite Valentines sign & how you can win one too!

Valentines Barn Owl Primitives Sign Giveaway

January is the worst mail month ever!  All those pretty Christmas cards stop coming in and it's just bills, bills, bills.  The other day I received a package that made brightened up my mailbox from my favorite paint brush toting friend.  It was a Valentines sign from Kristi of Barn Owl Primitives.  And I fell in love immediately!  (actually I fell in love when I saw it online … [Read more...]

Valentines Gift Idea: Root Beer Float Kit + Printable

Valentines Root Beer Float Kit and Printable

Love is in the air! And it's time to start sharing some new Valentines day ideas.   You may have noticed from my Valentine's day category, that I love making things for Gooey Hearts Day (Rolie Polie Olie anyone?).  This year is no different.  First up is a gift for your love, a friend, neighbor, teacher....anyone really.  A root beer float kit. It's pretty straight … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Quick & Easy Round-Up

The best quick and easy Valentine's Day Ideas

Anyone still haven't even thought about Valentine's day yet?  These Valentines Day ideas are perfect for you- can be done in thirty minutes or less. Check out over 10 ideas that you can whip up quickly: #1) Shower Love Notes {HowDoesShe} - Getting a little dirty, while getting clean... A fun love note tradition. A fabulous *gift* that only costs $5! :) #2) Tied To You … [Read more...]