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Last summer I decided it was high time to get my things in order.  After 15 years of having a “family binder” on my to do list, I finally put one together.  Over the last several months I’ve become obsessed and am trying to get the right system in place.  Since I created my original family set I have found that it needed a few more pages and I thought it was time for a little facelift.
Updated Family Binder Printables- 8 amazing printables to help you create a binder for all of your most important information
You could set this binder up so many different ways.  The easiest way is to gather your supplies, print and separate how it works best for YOU.  For some it will be with school information first, for others it would be better to put health information first.  I’m here to be your Tim Gunn and say in my best voice “Make it work.”
Here are some supplies that I have used for all of my binders:

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You can also click on my original Family Binder to see how I put mine together.  I will have another post coming up soon with how to combine some of the binders I’ve posted so that you don’t have 10 separate binders.   I added a couple new sheets in this set- Retirement, Emergency and Safety Checklists.

Updated Family Binder Printables- 8 amazing printables to help you create a binder for all of your most important information from

I hope you like the new design- it matches the other designs I’ve put together recently so they are one cohesive group.  Bright, colorful and simple is what I was going for.  I think (hope) I achieved it!

Updated Family Binder Printables- 8 amazing printables to help you create a binder for all of your most important information by


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Please note- these are PDF files.  You will have the option to download as is or edit them for a small fee. 

Over 100 Organizational Printables for Binders- Complete set of binders from

Click below for other binder posts. Full to brim with ideas on how to better organize your life.
(speaking from someone who could use more organization in hers)

  • Family – important info and documents
  • School- a binder for each child with important info, calendar, all about me and more
  • Accountability  – teach your kids how to manage money, chores, daily schedules
  • Holiday Mini – the perfect little mini size to help organize the holiday, birthdays, anniversaries, etc
  • Ultimate Budget – the ultimate binder that will help you get your finances and budget on track
  • Ultimate Budget Mini – similar to the Ultimate Budget Binder only smaller and with a few add ins

Alright- who’s ready to get organized right along with me?

Get it here!

Check out my whole binder series:


  1. cherie says

    I am making a home binder for my daughter for Christmas -I am so glad I found the missing pieces I was looking for on your website! As I am getting older – I am including some of my information on pages with a tab that says ” Meme’s Info” -this way if something should happen to me my daughter has all the info in her binder!

    The reason I made the tab Meme’s Info is because my grandchildren call me Meme not Grandma- this way it does not get mixed with the Mom’s Info tab which is my daughter. I also included info such as a copy of my living will- a copy of my will- power of attorney copy – plus my utility companies/financial info . If I ever have to start taking medication I have a page for that as well. And a copy of my burial info with a copy of the check that is paid in full so she won’t get charged again.

    As a senior citizen might I suggest all you young ladies do the same for your parents? This will save my daughter so much trouble because she has everything right in her binder.

    Again thank-you so much for these printables and your wonderful advice!

  2. MelissA says

    I love your website!!! You’re printables are fantastic! They’re going to really help me and my family get organized! Thank you for all your hard work!

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  4. Kelly says

    These are great! Thanks so much! I am looking forward to getting everything organized with this binder! So you have a template for the spine to match the cover?

  5. LeShara says

    I’m just glad to see someone who is a crazy (but in a good way) organized as I am. I created a binder like this years ago so that when my husband and I go on vacation without our kids, whoever is caring for them will have what they need while we’re gone and just in case… Really, the only thing that I have different is on the weekly dinner menu, if you laminate the page, you can use dry erase markers to write out your menu and then just erase it and start again. But, I’m also a whiteboard and chalkboard lover! One of each for our weekly schedules on the walls and for notes. big ones for the kids rooms to practice spelling and math… Very cute fonts you’ve used too!

  6. Renee says

    I LOVE your printables!!!! I’m currently using your Mini Budget Binder :) So much fun!! I was wondering if you do or would consider doing customed/personal printables? I would be the first to put in an order. I’m trying to organize my weightloss goals and and I love your style so much and thought it would make great printables!! Renee :)

  7. Stacey says

    I was linked to your site through a friend of a friend recently and I really like your binder series. I have chronic complicated health issues and when it comes to doctor visits and keeping family and friends informed (especially if I were unable to speak for myself for some reason), my medical binder is my sanity. It helps me keep organized but still make everything easy to find and understand at a quick glance. And because my condition is one that is still considered “rare” (though now just believed to be underdiagnosed due to lack of education), it helps me help my doctors, nurses, and any other care providers about a topic they might not be as familiar with.

    I’ll definitely be making a budget binder of my own based on your design and printables this weekend as I’m buying a house soon and have been trying to track every last penny. Plus, I love being able to put something as mundane as a budget into a colorful binder with colorful printables and color thrown in everywhere else to make it slightly less depressing to stare at.

    Your site is definitely now one of my favorites and I’ll be checking back often! Great work!

  8. Kalie says

    Love this! Would you ever consider doing a Mini Family Binder? I like the idea of it being small and able to tuck away in a cabinet or in my purse if I need to. :)

  9. Jessie Damron says

    The School Binder doesn’t have a link to files. Where can I find the files you recommend using? We will be moving in January and i would really like to have a school binder for each of my kiddos so transferring them to a new school will go as smoothly as possible. Thanks! Love all your binders!!

  10. Robyn says

    This is a great binder with great ideas. Have you ever thought about adding a medical history printable?

  11. Michelle says

    Would it be OK for me to use this for a church activity? It would be for at most 10 ladies, and we would be doing this for our own personal organization.

  12. AMc says

    I have been desperate for an answer to household organization in the form of a binder. Thank goodness for Pinterest!! I printed it all up and can’t wait to put it into practice.

  13. Cath says

    I love the look of these forms, but like many of the people above, I would love to be able to customize them to my family and also add some pages that would make the family binder work better for us. Is there any way you can share the non-PDF versions so that they can be customized to better reflect each person’s own needs? Thanks!

  14. Jessica says

    Hi Mique- Any chance you can create a page for PETS? I have 4 cats and would like to have all their information in one place? Name/DOB/Breed/Colors/Vet/. I like the layout and design of your pages and wondered if you could make one?

  15. Barbara says


    You are a courageous Gal.

    You have done a tremendous job organizing and putting out there the “stuff” most people don’t want to talk about.
    Because if we don’t talk a about it, it won’t happen.

    Many people fail to do a budget, a will or even keep detailed records of purchases.

    I worked in Trust and Estate Planning for many years.
    I was amazed how many people I knew did not have a plan for emergencies, and I mean any emergency. It was amazing what happens when people have no plan whether it be: lost or stolen wallet, lost credit card, cell phone or the biggies, Death, Loss of Job etc.

    If we live life fully we will have things happen, but that’s okay. We just have to prepare for Life. I feel so much better knowing that my children, (young adult sons) know where my husband and I have a small binder with emergency information when they need it.
    thanks again for all your wonderful material.
    I pray that your work will help many others.

  16. Faline says

    Mique, I am really interested in your Always Prepared Binder, but I cannot get the link to open. Will you please let me know is this is still available or not? Thank you…and thanks again for all you have created & made available to others! It is greatly appreciated!

  17. Amanda says

    I love your binders. I have created a binder of my own, only I used a mini binder and printed the pages on half a sheet to make them fit the smaller binder. Turned out great. You can find alot of items for the smaller binders at office supply stores, such as pocket pages, business card holders, and zipper pockets as well as lined notebook paper. Hope these help others with ideas for adding to their own binders.

  18. Sjudit84 says

    I am dying to know, please tell me what kind of font did you use in these! I am not English, so I’d like to create this in my own language.

  19. Wendy says

    All of your binders are amazing!!! I great summer project to work on. I love the colored font you use on the front of the Family Binder – the word “Binder.” Would you mind share what it is?

    THANK YOU!!!

  20. Kellyanne says

    Hi, I love you Family Binder!! I have printed out a copy but have adapted it for our family’s needs, I hope you don’t mind. I think it’s going to help us so much with getting sorted & having a plan. At the moment we are in the process of adopting a little boy with autism & we are very new to the whole parenting thing, so I think your Binder will help us a lot with getting organised & hopefully will make life a lot easier for us so we have more time to spend as a family rather than spending most of our time stressing & working on house things. So thank you very much!! <3
    I was even thinking of doing one for some of my family, my brother isn't very organised like me, so I think this would be perfect for him. Will have to adapt it for him to fit his bachelor lifestyle though. But thanks again!!

  21. Laura says

    I love this so much! I’m going to make one for my bff and my sis for a b/ci<3u gift ! So great, thanks! Every mom needs this, but none of us have time to get around to it. THXTHXTHX


  22. Emily says

    Thanks so much for these!! These really helped kick my rear into gear – This kind of project had/has been on my must-do list for about a year now! One thing I’d add would be to photo copy the front and back of all your family’s credit cards, drivers licenses, passports etc and put those in a folder along with the wills. That’s my goal for this month at least!!

  23. TeaJae says

    no one likes to talk about this I’d sure like to have a binder/sheets for medical emergencies, final wishes hate to think/talk about it better to have things laid out in order than to wait. If you ever come up with something like that I’d sure like to have that too. great sheets

  24. Denise says

    Are the school and accountability binders no longer available? They look awesome, too. Thanks for the family binder — I’ve printed a set for myself and my parents.

  25. Momof1 says

    Awesome! Just printed the family binder!!

    Have you considered a sheet for the family binder to list login information and passwords for important online transactions? I also think a page for banking and credit card info would be useful.

    Also…I like the other suggestions for pages for Pet Vaccinations, “In case of death”, and Automotive Info.


  26. Dawn says

    Would love a “Pets” section to put all the pet vaccination info, etc in… just a thought.

  27. Beth VonHinken says

    Thank you so much for the great ideas :) I have been needing to do this for quite sometime & now you are helping me to finally get it done.

    There are a few other areas that I could use an organized binder & I will use this to help me in those areas too.

  28. Jen says

    Hi Mique, thanks for creating such a beautiful and well put together Family Binder! We will benefit big time from something like this, and I’m shaing it with all of my friends! I do have a question though, where can I find the fonts so I can create a few extra pages (Automotive, Will documents, Camp Information etc)?? Please let me know, as my anal-retentiveness will simply not allow for some other non matching font -haha!


  29. Lori says

    Love the simplicity and happiness of these forms! Would you mind e-mailing me the fonts you used for the forms? Thanks in advance!

  30. Ericka says

    These are great printables, thank you for sharing them! I hope this doesn’t sound like a Debbie Downer comment, but I have a question – while it is so handy to have all the information together in one, accessible binder for us, I unfortunately have the thought, “What if my house got broken into and they take this binder?” It has quite a lot of important info on it, and am just paranoid about it getting into the wrong hands and being used inappropriately. It is such a cute design, I’d hate to have to hide it! Any thoughts or suggestions on this? Going to print it out and try it anyway :)

    • cherie says

      I will copying all the info I am making for my daughter onto a flash drive. One will go into my safe deposit box at the bank which she can access. The other flash drive will go in my safe at home. You could do something similar -make 2 copies on flash drives and store them in in 2 different locations. Or you could burn disc off and again store them in 2 different places.

  31. Deborah K says

    Just great binders. I have always liked the organizational structure of binders. Some thoughts flashed through my mind as I reviewed them and downloaded. First, a column on the budget pages to check tax items for your annual return. Perhaps a tax summary page where one time a month tax items are transferred to categories (like medical or mileage). Second, I shop different grocery stores for different items and have a permanent list divided by stores. I print it and each time an item is used from my pantry, I put a hash mark after it. When I shop I only buy what the hash marks say I need. There is room for items not shown on the permanent list. I try to shop each store only one time a month. Will be glad to share if you would like.

  32. Lori says

    Is the colorful font on these printables a free font? I would love to use it on some of my other documents. Thank you!!

  33. Melissa says

    Love it! Can’t wait to start printing these out! One idea is an “in case of death”
    My dad has one at home. Listing directions for who to notify, life insurance policies, all account numbers, who to call, what to do etc. no one likes this part of life but losing a loved one is hard enough….managing all the after death stuff makes it 10xs harder!

  34. Kelli says

    I am not able to get the pages to print in color. I have tried two different computers and printers. Can you advise what I can try differently? I want to get started during our spring break this week. Awesome binders!

    • says

      Hi Kelli,
      Did you check your printer settings? I haven’t had anyone else say that they’ve had issues with colors. And it looks ok on my end. Sorry I’m not more help! :(

  35. kristen says

    hi mique!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your notebooks & organizational help. was wanting to add a few pages of my own to fit my family’s needs & was wondering if you would mind sharing the font you used for the headings of each page. wanted them all to match but understand if you are wanting to keep that info to yourself….just thought i would ask. :o)
    thanks and keep up the great website!

  36. Carrie P says

    My husband told me the other day “I have no idea about anything you do” which set me out on a quest to organize what it is that I do. I realized if something happens to me he would have no idea how to pay bills, find account numbers/passwords, etc. I stumbled across your blog and I just LOVE the clean, simple, bright layout you use. Are you planning on adding a sheet where someone could add account number, website login info for banks/credit cards, and maybe just a password page in general? I’d even love to have that added to the Utilities page for easy access in one place since I pay most of our bills online.

  37. Danielle says

    I can’t to get it to print out the familie binder… i need to translate it to dutch language..
    i don’t know if you can send it to my email so i have it on my computer.. then it is easier tot translate for me… sorry if there are a lot of spelling errors..

    • Patricia says

      Yes, I think it’s great too, but just like Danielle i would need to translate it, into Swedish. You wouldn’t happen to have a template or something to your work. It’s a truly brilliant way to get stuff organized, especially if it could be printed out in filofax size. Keep up the good work!

    • says

      I just updated with electric on utilities. ;) Good catch on that one- sometimes everything starts to look the same and I miss stuff.

  38. Melissa-in-NJ says

    Love these! I already printed some out and am filling them out. Sounds kind of macabre, but I look at this as a resource not only for myself, but for someone trying to paying our bills for us. What if both my husband and I were in the hospital — or worse — and someone had to make sure the bills were paid in our absence? This is a grab-and-go, very clearly delineated resource for them to start with. I also wrote my address and home phone number at the top of each page, not for me of course, but for others trying to use the page — often account numbers are simply the address and/or phone number. These are great for elderly people too — fill them out with them helping you, and then if they’re incapacitated, you know where to begin. Websites would also be helpful on the listings :-)

    • Wendy says

      My cousin’s father was in a car accident and she had to pay his bills for him while he was in the hospital. She would’ve really benefited from something like this. She posted something on FB about how we should all do something like this …just in case. Has been on my to do list for a while. Thanks. I look forward to trying it out!