The 411 on How I Create Printables

Back before this blog was born I started a company with a good friend from college for designing invitations and announcements.  Both of us loved designing and had no real knowledge of what it took to run a business but thought it was a good idea anyway.  With little kids.  See where I’m going with this?  Our business plan didn’t last long but our love of designing did.  I took that love of designing and filled the need to create with my printables section.  I wanted to share a little bit what goes into designing those printables.

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25+ St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Hey y’all, it’s Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper again! I hope everyone is having a warmer month than I am, or at least stocking up with the hot cocoa and snuggly socks! One way we’ve been heating up our house better is plenty of baking and cooking, especially with some of the fun holidays coming up! Today, I’m bringing you a fabulous collection of 25+ St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

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