How to make intentional connections with your kids

I’m excited to introduce Monica from for Funner in the Summer today.  It’s a little bit of a departure from normal but I absolutely love everything Monica writes.   She has fantastic parenting advice that I really admire.  So sit back and take in all the goodness…

Funner the Summer - a series from

Is it just me or does summer fly by faster every year?

And (maybe it’s just me, but–) here’s how it seems to go:

I dive into summer full of great expectations and enthusiasm. I have to-do lists, and field trips and activities lined up for the kids. And I admit, I want it all: some productive days, plenty of FUN, and those lazy summer days with no agenda. I imagine a few clean closets, some fresh color on my skin, and a bit of quality time with each of my kids.

How to make intentional connections with your kids - awesome parenting advice from [Read More…]

DIY Paper Flower Artwork

Hello again 30 Handmade Days readers! I hope your summer is off to a great start. I am so excited to be back sharing another fun DIY project with you; today, I am going to show you how easy and budget-friendly it can be to make custom artwork for your walls using paper!

With a stack of colorful cardstock (and a scissors or e-cutter!) you can make inexpensive, easy, and eye-popping flower artwork for anywhere in your home!

As a military family who moves a lot, I am constantly on the lookout for easy and inexpensive ways to decorate our home, especially the walls. My latest obsession is coming up with creative ways to use paper! Not only does it come in every color and texture imaginable, it’s inexpensive, easy-to-find, and endlessly versatile. Combine colored papers with an e-cutter, and the possibilities really are endless! [Read More…]