Make Your Own Family Bucks

I’m always trying to figure out a way to motivate my kids to do their chores.  Sometimes my ideas work and honestly sometimes they only last through a week.  It’s all about trying things that eventually stick though, right?  This idea for “family bucks” is a simple one but definitely worth trying.

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Top 10 Favorite Family Recipes

I’ve been cooking for a long time.  About 20 years consistently.  It started out with baked potatoes and bowtie pasta.  It hasn’t gotten a whole lot fancier since then but I now feel really comfortable in the kitchen.  I know my way around and love teaching my kids how to cook and bake too.  While I’ve tried lots of recipes over the years, there are some that no matter what they will chow down.  These are my family favorite dinner recipes.

Favorite Family Dinner Recipes

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