It’s my Birthday= Giftaway Giveaway

A week or so ago I got a surprise on my doorstep.  It was a package from Kristi and I wasn’t expecting it.  I tore open the box and this is what I found:

I am counting down to the Queen Bee Market
so that I can meet Kristi in real life finally! Can’t wait. 
Kristi is the one that sent me my favorite sign of all time.
I was sooooooooooo excited to open the mystery package.
Look what it was:

I promise you I literally jumped up and down when I tore that cute kraft paper off.  Somehow Kristi’s work is even better in person than in pictures.  I am so tempted to put it on my wall this instant. It’s taking all my willpower to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Although I did start listening to Mindy’s Winter Moon album…so……maybe I should just hang it up already. ;)
Kristi has the most amazing signs in her shop.  She keeps adding more.  I told her that I would fill up every wall in my house with BOP signs. And I mean it…

Her cut off date for Christmas delivery is November 15th (not far away!)
so grab a sign now if you want it in time.
Because Kristi is the queen of generosity
(just don’t mess with her sour patch kids)…..
she is giving a $75 shop credit away.
To enter this giveaway, leave me one comment on this post. 
Anything you want.  Ideas:

  • Your favorite gift you’ve ever received.
  • Something high on your wishlist.
  • Which BOP sign you love most.
  • Why you keep coming back to 30days.

But just one comment please.  There will be a fun little twist at the end.  So make sure to come back on Monday, November 7th to see who won.
And pretty please go tell Kristi how amazing she is: Shop*Facebook*Twitter
Thanks for making my day extra special with this gift Kristi!

Hi- I'm Mique (as in Mickey). I started 30days as an idea file a few years ago. After three years and hundreds of ideas, I now realize that I'll never check them all off my list. When I'm not creating, I love spending time with family and friends and long drives, especially if they end at the beach.

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  1. says

    I’m loving the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign…can’t wait for the holidays! Our twin boys are four this year and it is so much fun to hear them already talking about Christmas. :)

  2. says

    I love, love, LOVE Kristi and I’ve never even had any interaction with her! I’ve silently “watched” her (and I’m not a spooky creeper, I promise!), on Momastery recently and think she seems like such an amazing and generous personality. I’ve been in awe of her talent for awhile now, but even more than that is what a truly wonderful person she is! Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Birthday!

  3. Emily Nguyen says

    Hope it’s not too late! I usually don’t have anything on my wishlist for Christmas, but, this year, I really need a new camera. My old one won’t take pictures sometimes, and I’ve missed a lot of great shots of my three kids as a result. It’s driving me bonkers! Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  4. Jacqui says

    wow the choices! i love the family rules sign, the places you’ll go and of course that lovely one you just got!! happy birthday to you and something high on my wishlist this year is an ipad so that I can sit in front of the fire reading all my favourite blogs!!!

  5. sarah spitzer says

    i have been wanting the “we can do hard things” sign for so long, but i also am in love with your christmas one!!!

  6. gillian s says

    I just got my family rules sign from BOP and LOVE it! I would love to win so I can add to my collection! Love her signs!

  7. says

    My birthday is this week too!! Would love one of Kristi’s signs- they’re adorable and she lives near me! : )
    Favorite present was probably my Barbie Dream house, Christmas 1979. Still have it and my girls love it.

    Fingers crossed!

    (pink and green mama)

  8. Stacy says

    I think I could very well wallpaper my house with all these cute signs. I’ve starting taking down pictures so that I have room for more signs! Recently a friend was over and when came back from the kitchen I saw her walking down the hall just laughing. At first I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, but after a couple minutes I realized she was walking through my whole house reading each of my signs. Won’t she be surprised when the next time she’s over there are even more for her to check out! :-)

  9. Heidi Jones says

    I love the family rules signs! But I really want to win this gift certificate for my mom… BOP is at the top of her wish list as well as mine!

  10. Cindy says

    I love Kristi’s signs, they appear to be absolutely wonderful and can not wait to order one!

  11. Amanda B says

    I already put my Christmas tree up. This past weekend. Does that make me horrible? We will be out of town for Thanksgiving though, so I thought, why not… : )

  12. Marissa Pinon says

    Love this giveaway!! I keep coming back to your blog because I love your style and creativity!! You keep me inspiried :)!!

  13. Sarah says

    These signs are so fun! Can’t wait to order one (just have to decide which!) I’ll be sure to check back on Monday as well! :)

  14. Lisa C says

    My favorite BOP sign is the one for the child room….”you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside”

  15. Julia says

    Best presents are still the ones my son gets to open. Kids joy tops everything…
    even though those boots i got last year made my heart smile too..

  16. Michelle P. says

    Our favorite tradition is opening a gift Christmas eve at midnight :-) and maybe I’ll get a sign this year to open :-)

  17. says

    Something high on my wish list is a cameo! :)
    And i love all of her work!!
    And i keep coming back cause you have good stuff on here!!

    :) fingers crossed!!!

  18. Laurie says

    Happy Belated Birthday :)
    I have (and love and NEED) the We Can Do Hard Things sign. BUT there are several others on my Christmas list :)

  19. sarah mcguire says

    I’ve been drooling over BOP signs for a while now and I’m fan of them on Facebook. I would LOVE the playroom rules sign, or a “keep calm and carry sign” for my master bedroom. It would serve as the perfect reminder to start my day of wrestling 3 little kids (calmly)! Crossing my fingers and toes for this giveaway!

  20. Erin Musto says

    The best gift I have ever been given was an engraved heart bracelet with my future initials from my now husband… I love personalized gifts that remind us of the important whos, whats and wheres :)

  21. Molly says

    I hope it’s not too late! This is my first visit to 30 days. I wish I had been following it all along!

  22. Melissa says

    You are my Sunshine…my only sunshine….
    I’ve been eyeing this sign for so long! I want it…I NEED it!!

    I live in San Diego…so I will be going to the Queen Bee Market too!! I can’t wait to see the BOP signs in person!!

    • says

      hi melissa! i’ll be shopping at the Queen Bee Market, but my signs will be in Virginia! just too far to travel to do a show! maybe we’ll be able to meet there!! xo ~ kristi

  23. Jenelle says

    I love BOP signs. I don’t have one yet, but I’d love to! I love the family rules signs, though I’m not sure which is my favorite. Happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Jenny Martin says

    My fave Christmas gift was my dollhouse when I was a child….but now–it is just the smiles from my kids!

  25. cheryl says

    happy birthday to you and happy birthday to me!! Would love to win a sign…love all of them but I think the Christmas one is my top choice!! Hope I win!! :)

  26. Cammie says

    The best gift I have ever received is my sweet little Girl
    Something high on my wish list is a PINK KitchenAid Mixer and a Debt free life :)
    I Love the Oh the Places we will go….. sign
    I love all the great ideas that you share

  27. Sadie says

    Happy birthday! My favorite gifts are ones that my children have given to me. Homemade cards, ornaments and crafts.

  28. says

    Hmmmmmm, with Thanksgiving right around the corner I’m going to leave what I’m most thankful for this year…….
    my 3 wonderfully amazing and adorable boys! I thank God for them every moment of every day.

  29. Carly Kuster says

    I LOVE BOP and I LOVE your site. It has so many good ideas and info! Thanks for being awesome!

  30. says

    Before seeing this post I would have said BOP’s “You are my Sunshine” was my favorite … but your new ‘Red&Aqua Merry Little Christmas’ … swoon. I think it’s taken it’s place as #1.

    Such a lovely giveaway!! Thank you!!

  31. Whitney says

    Happy Birthday!!! I just love her signs – they are so beautiful! Regardless of whether I win or not, one of her signs are on my Chistmas wishlist! Let’s hope my husband gets the hint :)

  32. says

    All I want for Christmas is to adopt these four siblings I met through Foster Care. We are starting the process and hope to have them home with us soon. So that would not only be one of the best gifts ever, but the only thing on my wish list! ;)