World Autism Awareness Day!

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After my post about Autism Awareness last month, I was overwhelmed by awesome comments and emails- thank you!  I’m excited to share projects, ideas, guest posts throughout April.  It won’t be every day, but hopefully enough to shed more light on this baffling disorder that affects so many people just like my family.
TODAY is World Autism Awareness Day.  To show our support, my family is wearing blue.  Will you join us?

Kristy from SoSoBella Designs was one of the people who contacted me after my post.  She had designed an awesome necklace for an autism momma.  She asked if she could give TWO away!?  Yay!  Find out more about SoSoBella Designs: site, blog, Facebook.

Want to win an Autism Awareness necklace?
Leave one comment on this post.
Two winners will be picked on Thursday, April 5th.


  1. Jeana says

    What a beautiful necklace! And a beautiful way to show your love for someone with autism. My 5 year old daughter has autism. Even though she is barely on the spectrum and is considered high-functioning, it definitely can still be a struggle. I have so much respect for all parents and children who are affected by this baffling disorder.

  2. Jamie Hendricks says

    The necklace is beautiful and Im so happy that more attention is being brought to this difficult situation both parents and children find themselves in. With hope and determination we can find help for families

  3. Saylor McLennan says

    As the Mom with a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I would be honoured to wear a compasson necklace. I’ve been looking for one but, they’re not easy to find here in Canada. We have changed our exterior lightbulbs however, and have taken our part to “Light it Up Bllue” for Autism Awareness. Thank you too for blogging about it.

  4. Brenda W. says

    Beautiful necklace! I’d love to win this for a dear friend of mine who has 2 autistic kids who she does all she can for. She is an amazing mother!

  5. says

    Beautiful necklace! And compassion. Bang on! I think most parents could benefit from a little extra every now and then. Particularly those dealing with the challenges of a child on the Autism spectrum. I myself, don’t have an Autistic child, but know a few who do. I am so thankful for the support and community so readily available to parents that the internet (and awesome blogs like this) provide!

  6. Jamee says

    love it! I enjoy reading all about your son. I have a son who is the same age and also on the spectrum.

  7. Mindie P. says

    What a beautiful necklace. We deal with Autism in our home every day. Compassion really is the key.

  8. Sharon C says

    Thank you for being transparent and sharing about your life. I too have a son on the spectrum. There are days when I need to be reminded of the compassion that was shown to me by God. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. says

    We light it up blue all month :) I hang a big banner on our tree and blue xmas lights on our porch. We represent! Hehe! Our 11 yr old has autism and I’m proud as always to show the blue.

    I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been looking for something not too flashy to wear and this is beautiful.

  10. Erica says

    What a beautiful necklace!! Love all the support for those who have been touched by someone with autism (me & my twin boys thank you all)!

  11. Jennifer says

    This is such a wonderful cause. Awareness and compassion is so important. I would love a chance to win that necklace!

  12. Susan Maurer says

    I have a 25 year old daughter who has autism and I would proud to be able to wear this necklace in honor of people with autism. The past 25 years have had many ups and downs dealing with my daughters emotions. My biggest wish is that people would be kinder to people with disabilities. Very heart breaking to be a parent and watch people laugh and stare at some one with disabilities. In my eyes, my daughter is a gift from God and that I was choosen to be her mom. God Bless


  13. says

    I am not here for the necklace I am here because of you.

    You are such an inspiration to me as a woman, friend and mother.
    I love you dearly and I just wanted to let you know how much I respect you as a person and how awesome you are.

    Anyways, in this special day I send you hugs!

    See you in two weeks…♥

  14. says

    awesome, mique!! thank you!
    we all wore blue, and celebrated our boy!
    praying for awareness and acceptance to blow up this month ;-)

    big hugs to you xo

  15. lynn b says

    Would love to win this! Thanks for taking the time to share about such an impt. Cause.

  16. Jane Goetz says

    I love the necklace!! I work with teachers of students with autism and this would be a great thing for them to see on my visits or at trainings!

  17. Renee S. says

    Our family is wore blue today and our porch light is bright and blue tonight in honor of our beautiful little girl who is on the spectrum. Thank-you for helping to increase Autism Awareness <3

  18. Mo krug says

    What a fantastic reminder for the WORLD!
    “COMPASSION” such a powerful and moving word!

  19. Gina says

    As a teacher of children diagnosed with Autism, I thank you for raising awareness for this awesome cause. I have been teaching children with Autism for 12 years and have enjoyed every second!

  20. says

    This is wonderful! I worked with Autistic youth for seven years and I loved all my students. It is about time that Autism is brought into the spotlight so more people are made aware of the condition. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful giveaway!

  21. patty meyers says

    I have to say that the parents of children with autism or on the spectrum are the most deserving. Lovely necklace for exhausted parents!

  22. Audra Ciprich says

    One of my great friends has 2 kids with autism, this would be a great gift for her. She is so very passionate about raising awareness. Beautiful!

  23. Lisa Mac says

    Praying for all children affected by autism. Praying also for all the parents blessed to have these children.

  24. Betsy says

    I am a Special Ed teacher who works with children with autism – I would be very happy to have this necklace.

  25. Deidre Bryant says

    LOVE this necklace!! I have 3 autistic kids in my class at school they are precious to me!!

  26. Marie says

    As a parent of a child in the spectrum…awareness is very much appreciated.

  27. Joanne Jones says

    How beautiful! I will have to recommend her to people in our local Autism group!

  28. Judith I says

    What a great necklace for awareness. Such a great idea!!! I love to wear it and wear it proudly!!!

  29. Jill Allen says

    Mornings are the toughest at our home and a reminder of Compassion was an amazing help this morning. Thank you

  30. Anne Marie says

    This is such a wonderful cause. Autism as struck home for us more than once – compassion is the key.

  31. says

    My son has autism and let me tell you it is a daily challenge. It is wonderful you are helping in the awareness as it is important to get kids diagnosed early. I would love to win this necklace, it is beautiful. Thanks Jenn

  32. says

    Love the necklace! I have a friend who’s daughter is newly diagnosed on the spectrum…I know she would LOVE this!

  33. Debbie says

    I so LOVE the necklace, it is a beautiful reminder. There are several children and their families I know who confront this.

  34. Gina says

    Oh I would love to win this for my neighbor. Thanks so much for the chance & for raising awareness!

  35. Nicole says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I am a mom of a 2 year autistic girl and a 12 year old autistic boy. My life is crazy! My boy’s birthday is today April 2, world autism awareness day! Crazy right!?

  36. Katrina Fisher says

    This is a great way to raise awareness! Compassion is so important and this is the perfect reminder of that.

  37. Melissa D. says

    What a wonderful necklace to gain awareness! I love it! Thanks for the chance to win it!