Does Facebook Work ?

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In my attempt to better understand social media, I decided that I needed to do a little itty bitty series. Read Why Twitter Works and weigh in. And now on to Facebook:

I recently learned that it’s going against Facebook rules to include “liking” a page as part of a giveaway entry. I had no idea. Did you know?
Facebook has me a little stumped. So this post is probably to help me more than to help you (hope you don’t mind). I have a 30days Facebook page. I love when people write on my wall or “like” something but I’m not totally sure what I should be doing over there. (FYI I have a Facebook account that I connect with friends on regularly. For some reason it’s easy to do that, not so easy to figure out what I should do with 30days……)

If you could answer me this in the comments:
Do you have a Facebook account?
If yes, do you use it?
What would you like to see on my Facebook page?

I’m excited to hear what Maegen from Madeline Bea has to say on Weds as a part of the Social Media Blog Series going on at Blacksburg Belle.

Others of note:

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  1. paige says

    I love Facebook! I think the number one thing to be aware of if you have a fan page is to follow the guidelines to the letter Yes, people keep running contests, but if Facebook disables your account, you'll have little to no chance of getting it back. Plus, FB is a free service. It's the least I can do to follow their rules. Of course we run contests on our blogs and then announce them on Facebook. We get TONS of traffic from that. I look at our Fan page a big creative group. We encourage all creative women to post and interact with other fans. Facebook is a FANTASTIC resource for us~I could go on all day, but there is work to be done! Have a good one Mique:)

  2. Joseph's Grainery Recipes says

    That's a hard one, something that I've been struggling with too. I have my blog posts automatically added to my page through networked blogs and I'll ocassionally add an update if we have something going on, but other than that I don't want to be seen as a pest. :)

  3. Larissa says

    And the most important!

    I have for the all natural handmade soap & other bath & beauty products. I post new products, product photos, hints about things to come, notices about new blog posts, giveaways, updates, and information. I also use it to promote other handmade artisans.

  4. Larissa says

    Yes! I have FOUR business pages for my Facebook account, in addition to my personal page.

    I have for my "day job" as a lawyer. I post about my new blog posts regarding new NJ laws and cases in family and criminal law.

    I use for the kid-related end of my face painting business, and post photos, events, notices regarding new blog posts, face paint safety, etc.

    And then there's, which is for the adult end of my body art business – with photos of body painting, notices for new blog posts, events, etc.

  5. Susan Being Snippy says

    I just opened a facebook page to hopefully promote my blog and my etsy shop — BUT am lost as to how to integrate them to best effect and how to get the word out… Hoping some of the posts you link to will help me…

  6. ShirleyC says

    I only have a personal FB page, but I have "liked" several pages to get more entries in giveaways.
    Someone posts nearly everyday that it is against the rules to have giveaways on FB, but many are still doing it. I have won some giveaways on FB myself.
    I do know a few have posted that they would only be doing the giveaways on their blogs, but they would put the blog post on FB.