Girl version

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I had high hopes of many more posts this week. Time is just about out. I leave in a little more than 12 hours with some brave friends for my first triathlon. Am I crazy? Yes. Am I ready? No. Am I doing it anyway? Uh….yep I am.
Anyway, I did want to show a girl version of the mini boden shirt that I did for my daughter. I didn’t really have a plan. But after searching online, I found this cute silhouette and knew I wanted to do a balloon. It’s not totally how I envisioned. But it does look cuter in person. My almost midnight in my craft room shot will have to do for now. I have been wanting to use that vintage fabric (a pillowcase from Savers that I found while visiting my sister back in March) for awhile and thought it would look cute on this shirt as the balloon.
Hopefully these will inspire some of you to make your own. I went to ship off the skateboarder one to my nephew and my 3 year old threw a huge tantrum because he wanted it. Either my design was genius OR he was just being a 3 yr old and throwing a fit. ;)
Happy Weekend!

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p.s. a few of you asked for more templates- I will get you more after I get back from my tri trip. promise.


  1. Bobbi says

    Good for you. We are a tri family, they are awesome! I love, love, love this little top! What a creative mind you have.

  2. Tracy Suzanne says

    Hi Mique. Good luck on the tri. Kutos for going. The girl shirt is just so cute, great job. I loved the skateboard one too. I really should make these for the grands. Hugs…Tracy

  3. Complete Kitchens Colorado says

    TRI like a girl! You rock :-)
    Just remember to have fun – it is all about the experience of being part of an amazing race. Love your blog too.