Giveaway Week: Lisa Leonard

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Lisa Leonard is a rock star in the jewelry world. Her pieces are unique and lovely. They are inspiring. Just like Lisa. ;) She has hand stamped bracelets, necklaces and even some stuff for the guys.
I love reading her blog to see how she balances a successful business, two fun boys and family life.

Here are some of my latest favorites from Lisa’s store:

Lisa is giving away one $75 gift certificate to her store.
To enter, visit Lisa’s site and leave one comment here.
Keep up to date with Lisa:


  1. Julie @ CalleLillyCafe says

    Love her paper lantern necklace, laundry line necklace, wish necklace… you get the picture! I love her stuff =)

  2. Jaime says

    Her blog is inspirational, and her designs are truly inspired! Visit her sites all the time!

  3. Erika says

    She has such a beautiful blog! I love the recent picture of her living room transformation – brown and turquoise is my favorite color combination! Oh, and she makes beautiful jewelry, too!

  4. Ershay says

    I basically love everything she does. Crossing every possible body part that I win this one!

  5. Michelle says

    "hope is the thing…" is my favorite!! Also the "family crest" necklace. Beautiful pieces

  6. sarah says

    Love love love Lisa Leonard!!! Only bought her stuff as gifts… I'd love to win some for myself! :)

  7. The Mrs. says

    I have been admiring Lisa Leonards stuff for a while now- several of these goodies are on my wish list!

  8. Canadiachik says

    Yeah…I would have a pretty hard time choosing if I won!

    danasunada at hotmail dot com

  9. Corinna says

    I love everything she makes. I could spend that gift certificate in about 2 minutes flat! :)

  10. mabblab says

    The vintage frames necklace is amazing! So creative….

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  11. Ammie says

    Wonderful non-jewelry items, too. Sheesh! Can I choose between the 2009 ornament and the sweet saying keychains or the PRECIOUS baby spoons?? Love them all!

  12. Samantha says

    I <3 LISA LEONARD SO MUCH! Her blog is an inspiration and her jewelry is absolutely beautiful. I would jump up and down if I won this!!!

  13. Jamie says

    I think I must have the hand stamped bracelet. Beautiful, and something that could be worn every day!

  14. WeeMasonMan's Mom says

    I love the Lots of Love necklace and every single thing in her custom shop. Oh my gosh!!!

    omgababy at gmail

  15. Brittney says

    Love it all, but especially the vintage frame necklace and petite family crest! So beautiful!

  16. Mellisa Rock says

    She is one amazing photographer! I love that cuff bracelet with the kids names!

    mellisarock at yahoo dot com

  17. everyday inspirations says

    Would love to own a LL…think I enter all the giveaways…maybe this is the one – LOVE the mama necklace…my fav word in the whole wide world!!!

    thx so much for the chance to win! fingers crossed this time!!!

    catherine s.
    imaginethatdesign (at) yahoo (dot) com

  18. Aurora says

    I love, love, love the baby spoons and the jumble of charms necklace! Her stuff is amazing!

  19. Jessica says

    These are all beautiful but edgy at the same time. I LOVE that! I think the superhero key chain for dad is a really cool idea.

  20. Jennifer says

    Wow!! I love it all! I would really love to get the 1 2 3 necklace for my sister who is having her third baby tomorrow!

  21. Kerry says

    I am waiting until my new little one is born to order something. I know exactly what I want. Love her stuff!!

  22. Kiki says

    LOVE her jewelry! this is a perfect giveaway for me!
    I'd get something with mine and J's initials on it :)


  23. Nancy Sabina says

    I am such a huge fan of hers – as a designer and as a person. I love her "Be still" necklace. It's on my bday list!

  24. thomas family says

    love love love lisa leonard's jewelry. i really like the be still necklace. thanks so much for the chance to win.

  25. Debby says

    I love Lisa's art. I love that necklace with the coffee cup. My DIL would love that with the two names. Funny though, those are names of 2 of my grandbabies.

  26. Keeping Up With Kaegan says

    If I ever win or am given a gift from Lisa Leonards store, I might just pass out. It's impossible to pick a favorite piece out of her store. Beautiful.

  27. mom2three says

    I've been wanting a Lisa L. necklace for about a year, and I've gone back and forth over which one to get. I'd probably get one with my kids names/initials on it…

  28. Cherry Blossoms says

    My favorite? The thin Sterling Cuff. Gorgeous. Timeless. Classic.

    CherryBlossomsDesign AT hotmail

  29. Raquel says

    I already have the captured heart necklace but there are a few more I'd love to add to may Lisa collection.
    scrappindaisy at gmail dot come

  30. Katie says

    I love all of her beautiful jewelry – would love to have her commission a piece of jewelry for me about Type 1 diabetes awareness (cure)!

  31. Emily N. says

    I love her "be still necklace"! Beautiful! Please enter me! :)

    Emily N.

  32. happyanna says

    I love all of Lisa's jewelry especially jumble of charms necklace. Thanks for a chance to win.

  33. Shannon says

    I love the Be Still necklace and the "Hope is the thing" necklace. Her earrings are gorgeous, it's all beautiful!

  34. Danielle says

    I really like the Sweetheart Tree necklace and the large men's cuff bracelet that says I Love You.

  35. gratitudewithgrace says

    I wore one of her necklaces at work as a nurse and my patient LOVED it. She wanted one…..

  36. Monica says

    I'm loving the sweetheart tree necklace, the leather cuff and the thin sterling cuff. And just about everything else in the shop :)

  37. Kim says

    Love your style and everything you make- such great quality. I've seen a lot of jewelry out there like yours but never made so well- I have a neclace I wear all the time- love it.

  38. Santia says

    I love how Lisa posts photos of all the little details about her life and the things that interest her. Her paper lanterns and heartstrings necklaces are gorgeous!

  39. ArtfullyQuaint {Heidi} says

    Definitely LOVE the "Key to my Heart" necklace! Ooohh I want it NOW :) Such inspirational and fun jewelry!

  40. ArtfullyQuaint {Heidi} says

    Definitely LOVE the "Key to my Heart" necklace! Ooohh I want it NOW :) Such inspirational and fun jewelry!

  41. ArtfullyQuaint {Heidi} says

    Definitely LOVE the "Key to my Heart" necklace! Ooohh I want it NOW :) Such inspirational and fun jewelry!

  42. Jennifer says

    I love the from up here necklace! Thanks for the opportunity!


  43. Lindsey says

    I'm going with the petite family crest necklaces with a little pearl. So pretty!

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

    lindseyjunk (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  44. Beth Eaton says

    Lisa Leonard is absolutely amazing and her work is stunning! I have seen some of her work through other blogs but today was the first day I visited her blog! She is an inspiration!

  45. AnnabelleMichelle says

    I love jewelry and I love my boys! Having their names around my wrist in a bracelet is a perfect way to keep them in my thoughts all day long while I look pretty!

  46. Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby says

    So many great designs! My faves are the cream freshwater pearl earrings and the open circle bracelet.

  47. Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby says

    So many great designs! My faves are the cream freshwater pearl earrings and the open circle bracelet.

  48. Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby says

    So many great designs! My faves are the cream freshwater pearl earrings and the open circle bracelet.

  49. SheilaC says

    I love Lisa's jewelry, especially the banner bracelet….

    Thank you for the fun giveaways!


  50. Cynthia says

    i have been drooling over these forever! i love the your the cream in my coffee necklace!

  51. Lori says

    I really need the heart strings necklaces. It is beautiful and just gave my heart a little tug!!
    Lori Story

  52. Chelle says

    I would love one of everything, please :) I adore the whoo do you love necklace–adorably cute!

    leoandchelle at yahoo dot com

  53. Joan and Kevin says

    I just love all her jewelry it is sooo beautiful. I would like any piece. She is a fantastic jewelry maker.

  54. Katie H says

    I love the "hope is the thing" necklace…one of my very favorite poems by Dickinson. Awesome!

    I'm also loving the "little feet" necklace. So sweet.

    katieharrison13 at gmail dot com

  55. Randi says

    I would love to have a Lisa Leonard necklace. I browse through that website all the time. Maybe some day?

  56. Dawn says

    I love Lisa Leonard! I have one of her necklaces, and I am constantly getting compliments on it! What a great giveaway!

  57. Lisa Hill says

    there isn't a piece of Lisa's that i don't like! my husband just ordered the song bird necklace for me for my 38th bday coming up!
    i love her tear drop necklace and her family tree! if i wasn't still trying for #2 i would have a family tree necklace! her designs are so thoughtful and fit the everyone's lifestyle!
    thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!
    lisa hill

  58. twolittletots says

    I love Lisa's stuff and her blog…one of my daily reads! I wear my necklace everyday that I got from her shop…just love it!

  59. Christel says

    I love the stamped necklaces, my hubby and I have an anniversary coming up the end of August, I would love to get a necklace with our names, our anniversary and our kids names and birthdays on it.

    I also love the photography!!! Beautiful stuff. I have been missing taking pictures lately, its way harder with a busy 8 month old than I thought it would be!

  60. Carolyn says

    My favorite is definitely the cream in my coffee necklace, lovely items, I am definitely hoping to win this one! thanks for the chance and getting to know these great shops!

  61. Candice @ Made With Love says

    I love Lisa Leonard's necklaces and would be so honored to win! Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  62. Chessa says

    I love how creative and unique each of her pieces are! So much fun…maybe I should get matching necklaces for me and my girls!

  63. amy says

    i have too many already but love to give her jewelry as gifs! no way could i pick just one thing!

  64. The Freckled Flower Shop says

    What an amazing giveaway she's offering. Her 'hope is the thing' is absolutely amazing.

  65. Linda says

    I LOVE her "hope is the thing" necklace. It's been a favorite quote of mine for quite some time and would be so fun to have on a necklace!

  66. Bec Clarke says

    Oh my goodness those wedding photo's are amazing. and her jewellery is so lovely. I have just found a new place for presents.

  67. Lorien says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff! I've looked at it forever but just can't seem to buy something for myself!

  68. chelsea says

    i love the sterling ring…i think it would be lovely to have "hope" printed on it. i also really like the aqua stone necklace…it's all so unique and quaint! love it!

  69. Dresden says

    I've been dying to get the sparkle necklace with the chandelier on it, so gorgeous. I follow lisa's blog and think she is just the nicest person!

  70. k.kehrer says

    These are awesome for gift giving! Especially for Grandmas! I think I shall look into one for my MIL!

  71. Laura says

    I love the family tree necklace…and the little feet necklace…and the petite original necklace…and…. :)

  72. Rebecca @ Piggy Bank Dating says

    All of Lisa's work is beautiful! I would love to win! The wedding she has featured today is very unique!

  73. Mikaela says

    Love all of her stuff. My favorite right now is the word of the year custom necklace. So simple.

  74. terrid614 says

    i would have such a hard time deciding….i absolutely think ALL of her designs are super adorable. thanks for hosting!

  75. Ashley says

    Oh man, I've entered quite a few Lisa Leonard giveaways and never won. I hope I win this one! I love the banner bracelet.

  76. anniekate says

    I have the petite necklace and LOVE it. So many compliments with it. I would love to get the large initial bracelet! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  77. Julie @ CalleLillyCafe says

    It's simple really. I cannot just choose one. I have an on-going list. I love too many to narrow it down. So sorry.

  78. greetingarts says

    I've gotten many items from Lisa in the past to give away as gifts, but it would be nice to actually keep something for myself! I love that Basic ID tag Bracelet.

  79. TRAN! ( says

    i love her necklaces.. especially the petite family crest and illuminate (I've always wanted a chandelier).

  80. Kansas says

    I have loved her paper lantern necklace for awhile now. Would be perfect for my daughters' initials!

  81. Courtney says

    I'm in love with Lisa's creations. And she is such an awesome person! I love reading her blog, too. It's just lovely!

  82. Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} says

    I love SO many of Lisa's pieces – I only own one, and I'd definitely love to add to my collection!

  83. justhelen says

    I love the inspired theme…maybe because with six kids I have too many names to include. I'd have to really think about that, though, because I love those:)

  84. Hannah says

    i can't decide which one is my favorite! i think i would probably get the tiny squares necklace.

  85. purejoy says

    oh, i love her blog. those wedding pictures were to die for. i love the mini family crest necklaces they did for the bridesmaids. mmmm. the best!

  86. Sweetpz says

    i love Lisa's jewelry!! they are all so pretty, i'd definitely get something with my 2 kids names on it… thanks for the chance to win!

  87. I'm Shannon says

    with #4 due in about a month, I need a new Lisa necklace! My favorite? The numbered necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. Ellen says

    Her blog is GORGEOUS! I think that I might have to follow it now! I love all of her stuff but my fav is the aqua stone necklace!

  89. Candace says

    How can I pick just ONE thing to talk about? Her stuff is amazing and I've been wanting some forever! I'm sooo excited about the giveaway week!

  90. Life With the Crazies says

    I love the "from up here" necklace, but I would also really love to have a necklace with all of my kids' names on it, including our baby of unknown gender due in October!

    lalfabeto {at}

  91. theamazingjohnsons says

    I LOVE her jewelry! The family tree is one of my favorites.
    tiffdeon at yahoo dot com

  92. Lauren D. says

    Oh my goodness! She's fabulous…love her blog and her designs. I'm definitely in need of a "petite family crest" necklace :)

  93. meganluvsjewels says

    Although I love everything by Lisa, my current favorite in the Banner Bracelet…it's adorable!

  94. Erin says

    Aw. I love the tiny squares necklace. I need a necklace w/my babies' names on it! That would be perfect!

  95. Celeste says

    oh yeah… her jewels are amazing… I have 2 of her necklaces (LOVE them) — would love to add a ring to my collection ;)

  96. Princess E. says

    Wow– what an amazing blog, and jewelry site! Each piece looks so special–like it has a story behind it. I especially LOVE the Illuminate Necklace. Chandeliers are one of my favorites right now.

  97. formy2kids says

    I love looking at the jewelry in Lisa's store. I always catch myself coming back to the dewdrop necklace (and quite a few others too). I think I find something new I love each time.

  98. Jennwith4 says

    I love her jumble of charms necklace. It would make a perfect mommy necklace for me! lol