Rose Ball Tutorial from A to Zebra Celebrations

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Have a girlie party that needs a little something extra?
Maybe these rose balls from A to Zebra Celebrations are just the
thing you need.   I’m happy to have Nancy here to show
her tutorial on  how to make them. 
They would make any party complete!
I have been meaning to write the tutorial for the rose balls I used in my daughter’s party.
A little story about these.  I was in Los Angeles, CA this past March.  I went shopping with my aunt.  We walked into this little store downtown and they had some gorgeous rose balls hanging from the ceiling.  I asked the clerk if they were for sale and she said “yes”.  I told her I wanted 3 of the pink ones.  She told me “we are sold out, and we won’t get any for another month”.  I was devastated, because my party was in like 3 weeks!  I knew these would be perfect for the party.  I had no choice, but to try and make them myself…..ha!  Here’s what I came up with and it’s super easy, but you need to know that it took me over 7 hours to make these 3 balls… sooooooo much time!!! Materials: Roses, foam ball and glue gun. (You can also spray paint the foam ball, but I did not)



Take the roses apart and get rid of all the greenery

Take your glue gun and add some to the stem

Stick it in the ball right away before your glue dries.  You will need to press hard and hold for a minute or two.

Your rose will look like this when you let go

I added some hot glue inside the petals to make them look tighter

Then add another rose, and another, and another….until your ball is full

You want to stick them pretty close together so you have no white spots showing:

And here’s what your rose ball will look like!!

Here’s where I used them for my daughter’s party!

I also used one of them for this zebra photo shoot and just put it on a candle holder

The possibilities for these gorgeous rose balls are endless!  I’d love to hang these in a nursery room, or use them for a wedding, you could also hang them above a desserts table, etc..etc…
Let your imagination come up with new ideas for these!! Send me an email with pictures if you decide to make these and use them on your upcoming party!  I’d love to see them :) Feel free to ask any questions.  My email: Thanks!!!!
Thanks for sharing Nancy! Aren’t these rose balls adorable!?!
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  1. Melissa M. says

    Oh my gosh!!! Just beautiful and finally a grown up birthday idea. I just love this. Thank you for sharing.

    Melissa M

  2. says

    These are really cute. You did a great job on them. And I love how you set up the decoration table for your daughters table and birthday decor. THanks for sharing them Nancy and Mique!!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness these are beautiful!!! I would love to make one of these…perfect to do while watching housewife marathons!!! But….I have boys….maybe, camouflage colors of tissue paper?