Kitchen Gadget Love

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Truth: kitchen gadgets make me giddy. Buying an egg slicer in college made me feel like an official grown up. Only adults have egg slicers. (ha!) When I got an apple, peeler, slicer I felt I had arrived.

Getting a new kitchen gadget- the Lysol No Touch Kitchen System- made my day. A soap dispenser that you just wave your hand under and the soap comes out? Magic. My kids think so too. And seriously- anything that encourages my kids to wash their hands more I am all for.

Gadget thoughts:

  • Super easy to put together. Just snaps into place. I had a harder time getting the package to open than I did putting it together.
  • Simple and straightforward.
  • Smells good.

And getting my girl to wash dishes because she could test out the new gadget? Bonus. I might have another gadget lover on my hands.

Mother and daughter approved.

I just need to be careful to let my big guy use it or we could have this on our hands:

I took the Undercover Kitchen System Challenge and got a 6 out of 8. Take the challenge and let me know what you got.

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Are you a gadget lover too? Or am I the only one who loves her egg slicer?

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