Leavin’ on a jetplane….

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The time has finally come to head to Minneapolis for the Creative Connection. I can’t believe it!! Insane. Jess and I have been busy getting our booth ready for the Market at TCC, getting pumped up to meet friends in real life and make new friends while getting our creativity on. I (we) couldn’t be more excited.
If you will be there (YAY!) I’ll be the one with dark circles under my eyes for little sleep the past week. ;) Or I look like this:

(yes, various hair stages and sizes over the years)

While I am away, I have some stuff scheduled to post and will be tweeting and Facebooking. Jess and I are so lucky that we get to wear some new clothes courtesy of DownEast Basics and Miracle Body Jeans (cannot wait to tell you more about them). Woo hoo!
Also- there are some super fun giveaways going on at my other life, the Queen Bee Market.

When I get back…life should be back to normal….whatever normal is…….

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  1. Nancy says

    Mique, that sounds like so much fun! I am very jealous to say the least, take lots of pictures so we can all live vicariously through you. :)