Life in Pictures, Instagram Style

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Adding one more thing to the list….Instagram (iPhone app). Have it? Use it? Love it? I’ve had it for awhile but didn’t really mess with it too much. Yesterday I did. And now I’m hooked.  And Jeannett also forced me to use it so I could link up to her InstaFriday. She’s mean like that.   Anyhow….it’s an easy way to document life as it goes full force around me.  This week has been NUTS!

  1. My “baby” turned 5 on Tuesday.  As much as I’ve been sorta eager for my kids to grow up and get bigger, I was surprised at how sappy I’ve been this week with him turning 5.  Feels weird.  My baby. 5.
  2. I got a happy delivery from Knitty Bitties.  A bright, cheery mug rug.  It’s perfect for my Dr. Pepper.  Thank you A!
  3. Took the kids to the library and let them pick out what they wanted.  A little after we got home, I found my daughter snuggled up in our big overstuffed chair reading.  Yessssss! Love it.
  4. Open House #2 this week and a little stop off at the park next door at sunset.  Bliss.
  5. My oldest LOVES swings.  As in, he would spend 24 hrs a day on one if I let him.  I love seeing him happy.
  6. Turned around and saw my boys walking along our paseo, follow the leader style.  It was cute.
  7. My favey picture of the week.  I looooove it.  (is it ok to say that?)  My girl is seriously growing up.  What a beauty- inside and out.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Jessica Johnson says

    YAY for insta parties! so happy to see you linked. your daughter is gorgeous!

  2. Jenni Carlisle says

    Yay, I linked up too! AND I featured a shot of my big boy too! Love it! PS You are kicking my TAIL of WWF dude!

  3. Kara-Noel says

    :) I did an InstaFriday this week too. My hubby just added the instagram thing to my phone and it is sooooo addicting. Though I was taking loads of pic of the kiddos to text him… unaware that it shared them on the instagram app. I’m so not tech savy it’s just silly…

  4. Summer Crosbie says

    I got an iphone for Mother’s day and love this app! It makes me crappy pics look so awesome! :) Love your pics.

  5. says

    I just got an iPhone for Mother’s Day and I downloaded this app the first day and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! I’m loving it! Great pics!