Manic Monday

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Just another manic monday….so after a crazy weekend I am ready for better week. Wedding (brother-in-law’s). Puking. Need I say more? Hoping to start it off well…….I’m having a 24 hour sale in my little shop. From now until 9am tomorrow morning if you mention in the notes to seller that you came from 30days in my shop, I will discount your design to $8 (pay for it and I’ll refund you the $7). That’s almost half off. Woo hoo.
Also I survived another week in So You Think You’re Crafty- phew! This week’s theme is leaves and holy cow, the crafts are amazing. I’m not sure I’ll last this week! Can you spot mine? If you guessed mine was the Count Your Blessings sign last week, you were right. If anyone is interested in a tutorial here, let me know and I’ll share. Go vote for your favorite from this week here.
I almost forgot to say thanks to my blog hacking sister {love you Jess} and all the sweet birthday comments. Thank you!!! And to the lovely and talented Melissa and Brittany. You guys are the best. Didn’t you love their ideas? Luckily for me (and you), I have a few more guest bloggers lined up. But I’ll be back later today with a craft post.

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P.s. See that poll over there on the upper left sidebar? Wanna vote so I know what you’d like to see here at the blog? Thanks. :)


  1. The Collins Chronicle says

    This was the one I voted for!!! I would love a tutorial! Pretty please with pumpkin bread on top?!

  2. Kelly O. says

    yours was my favourite this week!
    I've never read your blog til now but if you regularly crank out stuff half as crafty as this, then I'm here to stay :)
    I would love to see a tutorial!

  3. Line says

    Oh I'm so happy you're still in the running! Especially as I DID vote for your 'Count your blessings' sign!
    Good luck for this week!

  4. Sare says

    I loved your sign too. Glad that you're still in the running! I love that it is anonymous so people can't really plea for votes (except we have to know your style…I love that)

  5. Angela says

    I loved the count you blessing sign. I actually went out and bought all the materials last week when I saw it. I am hoping to make one just like yours this week. Super cute. Thanks for the idea.