Fabric Menu from Bringing up Burns

Hi! I’m Erin from BringingUpBurns and I am so honored to be here guest posting at 30 Handmade Days. Mique has been an inspiration to me for some time! So, here’s a little about me and those I’m Bringing Up: I am living my dream. I have a soft spot for Sapphire martinis. I Google everything. I have Ab Fab girlfriends. I constantly have 5 projects in the works. I bake. I blog. [Read More…]

Craft Book Review: Sewing School


It’s been a long time since my last craft book review.  But I recently received Sewing School to review and happily passed it to my nine year old daughter.  She loooooved it and can’t wait to get busy making every.single.project.  The great things about this book: Bright and colorful- love the overall layout of this book and that it’s spiral bound. A lot of hand stitching, so those without a [Read More…]

Sunday Share: Best Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake

I go through ups and downs with cooking- when I get stressed I either cook and bake a ton or eat out a lot. (makes zero sense, I know) I have quite the plethora of recipes that I love and thought some of you might enjoy them too.  On Sundays I’m going to share some of my favorites.  First up, perfect for Sunday morning breakfast, a baby shower or just [Read More…]

the “A word:” Take 9


After years of putting it off, I finally decided to share my story as an autism momma. If this is your first time reading, start here.  Unfortunately with a server crash this week, all of my comments were lost from the last six weeks. :(  I am most sad about that for this series.  The comments have been amaaaaazing!  Thank you! I’d love to hear more from you, email me. [Read More…]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, there are rainbow ideas everywhere. These are the ideas that especially caught my eye: Simple As That’s rainbow quote printable Make and Takes rainbow pudding it is what it is’ pot of gold treat The Savy Mom’s Guide rainbow party on celebrations.com Thinking of all the colors of the rainbow- my favorite has always been red. What is your favorite color?

Happy Dr. Seuss Day!


Today kids everywhere are celebrating Dr Seuss Day!  I have a few fun Dr. Seuss related projects to share with you.  The first idea only takes a couple of minutes: I found a quote that I love and decided to make a quick bookmark. You can download your own bookmarks and print them. I then laminated mine and hole punched it and added a piece of ric rack in one [Read More…]

DownEast Basics Review and Giveaway


Congrats to Amy #156! Thanks for entering everyone. xoxo I’ve had the opportunity to work with DownEast Basics several times in the past. I feel fortunate to post about a clothing company that I love. DownEast’s clothes are comfortable, cute and very affordable. I always look forward to getting their catalog in the mail. If only Angie were around to take fabulous pictures. For now, this one where Josh is [Read More…]

the “A word:” take 8

After years of putting it off, I finally decided to share my story as an autism momma. If this is your first time reading, start here. I especially appreciate all the comments left last week on a sensitive subject. Although not everyone agreed with me, for the most part people were very respectful and I am so grateful. Thank you! I’d love to hear more from you, email me. Image [Read More…]

Year Around St. Patrick’s Day Idea


St. Patrick’s Day is a few weeks away. Another holiday? Already? Wow! If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I am a little green obsessed at the moment. I found my favorite shade of green and a sweet shade of gray to make today’s tutorial. But I’m not Irish and I wanted to make something that wasn’t so in your face for St. Patrick’s Day. Most everything I’ve seen [Read More…]