Table Talk with Printable Dinner Conversation Starters

When my kids were younger, we had dinner at 5pm every night.  We all sat down and ate together.  I made dinner for my family just like my Mom did for us.  And then my kids started getting older.  And the activities got busier and busier.  Things have changed.

Table Talk - Dinner table idea for families

It’s gotten harder.  We aren’t great about sitting down as a family.  It’s a big bummer.  So when we were challenged by Vanity Fair® Napkins for the Take Back the Table campaign, I jumped all in.  It’s the perfect reminder I needed to get us to sit down.  I know it seems simple but all of you with busy families are shaking your head because you know exactly how it feels to be going from one place to the next every afternoon. [Read More…]

Printable Packing List

Guess what? I’m going to New York this week. For the very.first.time. Wooooohooo.  I was supposed to go earlier this year but due to some family stuff, I had to cancel last minute.  Now I get my chance for reals!  I’ve traveled a ton with my family (both the family I grew up in and then later with Josh) but somehow I’ve never been to New York.  We usually go to tropical places like Kauai (favorite place!), Tahiti, Australia, Costa Rica… so big cities aren’t really my thing.   But who doesn’t want to go to NY at some point in their life?   In an effort to get a little more organized (are we sick of talking about organization yet?), I created a simple packing list with 2 color options.   Read on how you can download yours to plan your next trip!
Printable packing lists - perfect to use for your next trip!

Here’s what is on my must have list for traveling.  Especially on longer flights. [Read More…]