Dream RV Road Trip Bloggers Antique Tour

Josh grew up going camping a lot and occasionally spent vacations in an RV.  My grandpa had an RV called “La Casita” that our family actually lived in a for a bit while we waited for our home to be built.  Both Josh and I have some (albeit different) memories from our childhood.
Some fabulous bloggers and I were tasked with planning a dream RV trip.  While some people’s dream trip might involve mountains or coastal tours, mine is a little bit different.  I’d love to do those things too but I have something else in mind for this one and it could involve YOU.  Might I present you with — my Dream RV Road Trip Bloggers Antique Tour…

Dream RV Road Trip Bloggers Antique Tour via www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Here’s my plan:
Grab an RV and hit the road, picking up some blogging friends along the way from California to Texas.  We will stop in Las Vegas, St. George, Utah, somewhere in New Mexico and a few spots in Texas (because Texas is big, yo).  The final destination if we can plan it just right will be one of the biggest antique shows in Texas.
The goal is to a) find awesome shops and antiques b) eat good food c) see part of the US that we wouldn’t otherwise see  d) have fun! [Read More…]

15 Amazing End of School Year Ideas

I can’t believe that summer is coming up so quickly. It seems nuts that we already had spring break and Easter.  I keep seeing cute ideas and activities that lead up to summer so I thought it’d be fun to share them all in one spot.  These are some of my favorite end of the school year ideas!

15 Amazing End of School Year Ideas to Make Happen

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