Top 10 Favorite Family Recipes

I’ve been cooking for a long time.  About 20 years consistently.  It started out with baked potatoes and bowtie pasta.  It hasn’t gotten a whole lot fancier since then but I now feel really comfortable in the kitchen.  I know my way around and love teaching my kids how to cook and bake too.  While I’ve tried lots of recipes over the years, there are some that no matter what they will chow down.  These are my family favorite dinner recipes.

Favorite Family Dinner Recipes

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How to Set Up a Babysitting Co-op with Printables

The other day I shared Guidelines for Babysitters because that’s we’re in that stage of life.  My oldest is 16, middle is 14 and youngest will be 10 in a couple months.  When they were little there were days that I doubted we’d ever get here.. oh there were days!  A lot of the younger years is a big blur for me.  But there were a few things that were lifesavers.  One of those things that saved my sanity a bit was being a part of a babysitting co-op.

How to set up a babysitting co-op with free printables from


I was talking with my sister, who is in the thick of raising little kids.  No sleep, potty training, and tantrums oh my! I mentioned that we had a babysitting co-op and how it was so nice to have friends to rely on when I needed a little break or had appointments that I didn’t want to take my kids to.  My friend Lindsay organized it since she had been in a co-op in the town she lived in before moving to our area.  She set up a meeting to discuss how it all worked and to set expectations for our group. [Read More…]