Cute Summer Outfits for Teen Girls & Their Moms

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It’s a crazy thing to witness your kids growing up right before your very eyes.  People say “enjoy it because it goes so fast” and it’s so true.  It seems like the older my kids get, the quicker the years fly by.  And now we’re headed into high school with my middle kid.  CRAZY.

Go Change the World - Cute, modest summer outfits for teens

One of the things we struggle with is finding cute clothes that aren’t skimpy.  I know, I’m no fun.  I used to battle with my Mom about clothes and now it’s my turn.  I really think in the last 20 years that clothes have gotten smaller and smaller.  At the risk of sounding 100 years old, I can’t believe what I see these days.

Cute summer outfits for teen girls and their moms from

It can be such a challenge to find anything in the store.  I’ve found some really cute things for myself online and thought it’d be worth a shot to put some outfits together for Julia too.   [Read More…]

No-Bake Frozen Lemonade Bars

Hello everyone! It’s Emma from Crafting{E}. I am back with an AMAZING recipe today. So before I tell you how amazing these Frozen Lemonade Bars are I feel like you deserve some sort of a back story. I have always lived in sunny Arizona. It has it’s perks, but it also means that during the summer it is 10000000 degrees outside. As a result of this I have many summer memories of being out by the pool eating something refreshing and cold.

Frozen Lemonade No Bake Bars from CraftingE via

Now that I’m older (and still living in AZ) I still crave cold and refreshing sweets during the summer. These Frozen Lemonade Bars definitely fit the bill. Seriously… It is SO amazing. Imagine normal lemonade (which is delicious by itself) x10 on the deliciousness scale. Yep, the deliciousness scale is definitely a thing. [Read More…]