Super Quick Baking Tip

Super quick baking tip to make your life easier!

A couple of weeks ago I shared a 5 ingredient blender muffin recipe, an easy but oh-so-good take on a simple muffin.   Baking is one of our favorite things to do together as a family.  But I’m always looking for ways to make things easier. Here’s a simple trick for making more uniform muffins or cupcakes: Take a plastic bag and fill it full with batter.  Clip the edge of [Read More…]

Raspberry Swirl Coffee Cake


This is my go-to coffee cake recipe. It’s moist on the inside and has a crunchy streusel topping on the outside. This would be the perfect little treat for Teacher Appreciation Week, which is next week (May 6-10). Package it all up with a Starbucks gift card to tell the teachers in your life (or your kids’ lives) that they are appreciated in a big way. In a small mixing [Read More…]

White Chocolate Peppermint Toffee

White Chocolate Peppermint Toffee

Yesterday we had our annual candy/cookie making day with my girls, my mom and a few friends and neighbors at the Wilkes house. This year it was more of a candy making day than a cookie making day. I love making candy and actually prefer it to cookies. Candy stores better than cookies. We made caramels, peppermint white chocolate fudge, rocky road fudge, boston creams, cinnamon white chocolate pretzels, chocolate [Read More…]

Mexican Mocha Brownies

Mexican Mocha Brownies

I love chocolate. Like, REALLY love it. I also really love coffee and if available, a good Mexican Mocha. Cinnamon and chocolate is just one of those combinations that goes so well together. It can’t be explained. It just does. Then, add in the coffee and you have an amazing combination of flavors. So, for these brownies, I added all my favorite things together to create Mexican Mocha Brownies. Oh. [Read More…]

Banana Bread

banana bread

This past Sunday I spent a lot of time in my kitchen baking.  I got to go to church in my pjs and the oven was put to good use.  One of the things that I made was Banana Bread.  This recipe is moist and delicious! It might have something to do with the cream cheese in the batter…..hmmmm……I made mine with pecans and a yummy nut topping but that [Read More…]

Lemon Curd Bars

So with Easter only a few weeks away, cherry blossoms and daffodils blooming in my garden I am totally in the mood for lemon. Lemon and Spring just go together, at least at my house. In fact, at my house lemon goes with everything. I am a total lemonhead! I love everything about lemons, the taste, the smell, the color and the shape. In my book you can’t go wrong [Read More…]

Maple Sugar Cookies

Leigh Anne from Your Home Based Mom is back to share another delicious treat! This time she shares easy sugar cookies with a twist perfect for Thanksgiving. For most of us Thanksgiving is all about the pie – pumpkin pie, apple pie, mincemeat pie (?!?). Really, any kind of pie. My sister in law is providing all the pies for our Thanksgiving and there is always an amazing assortment of [Read More…]

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies + Happy Fall tags


Fall is my favorite time of year. Growing up my mom made everything pumpkin flavored thing she could in the fall.  Pumpkin cookies, muffins, bread, pie.  Shhhh….don’t tell…I actually didn’t like pumpkin for a long time because it was a little pumpkin overkill at our house.  So today I wanted to share some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and a fun printable tag.  What better way to bring in the new [Read More…]

How to fancy up your bread: ruffled idea


Fall is (sorta) finally in the air and that can only mean one thing: baking.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I asked for your favorite banana bread recipes because I had some bananas ready to be smooshed.  I ended up using an old recipe and decided to snazzy my finished loaf of bread up to give it as a gift.  I used an inexpensive piece of [Read More…]

Sweet Teacher Appreciation Idea: Bread in a Can


As school winds down in our neighborhood, I have a few last minute teacher appreciation ideas to share.Last week on Twitter someone linked up Chasing Fireflies‘ simple and fun idea of making bread in a can.  I pinned it immediately and knew I wanted to make it but wanted to add my own spin.  I checked in with the queen of spray paint to see if she thought I could [Read More…]