the Party Bunch Week 52

Round Cork Coaster Tutorial featured on the Party Bunch

It finally feels like fall here (yay for cooler temps) and I’m ready for some soup, boots and sweaters.  The Halloween, holiday, and fall posts have me all kinds of happy.  I can’t wait to see what you all link up this week!  Before you link up please let me introduce to you The Party Bunch: Amy from The Idea Room, Mique from 30 Handmade Days, Heather from Whipperberry and [Read More…]

Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness

Thirteen years ago I became a mom. My beautiful blue eyed baby boy was born to two young, naive parents (22-me and 24-my husband, respectively). Two years later our J became a big brother. Right around that time it became pretty clear that something was different with our J. And quickly we realized what the difference was- we soon discovered he had autism. Our path has been one that I [Read More…]

Teacher Appreciation


When I decided to focus a few posts this month on autism awareness, I was excited to have the opportunity to share someone who works in the field’s perspective.  I’m lucky to have Nicole from the Lovely Poppy guest posting today.  With teacher appreciation happening at schools all over, I thought this one was perfectly timed to wrap up my autism awareness series. As mentioned throughout my A word series, [Read More…]

Adventures in Autism- Going to Disneyland


While visiting a theme park with kids can be fun, it also usually takes planning.  Add a child who thrives on routines and gets over stimulated with crowds, it can bring on anxiety for even the most chill of parents.  Luckily our family has had wonderful experiences at Disneyland.  Today I want to share some of my top tips for making your visit a fun and memorable one. When my [Read More…]

World Autism Awareness Day!

autism necklace

After my post about Autism Awareness last month, I was overwhelmed by awesome comments and emails- thank you!  I’m excited to share projects, ideas, guest posts throughout April.  It won’t be every day, but hopefully enough to shed more light on this baffling disorder that affects so many people just like my family. TODAY is World Autism Awareness Day.  To show our support, my family is wearing blue.  Will you [Read More…]

Autism Awareness Month & Your 2 cents

autism awareness

So……if I’ve calculated correctly… next month is April. (where is this year going? Flying by!)  While most people think of spring and flowers and Easter, April represents something else to me too: autism awareness month.  Yep a whole month of it.  If you’ve read 30days for awhile or poked around here, you probably know that I’m an autism mom.  My oldest, now 12 (!!!!) was diagnosed at 2.  It’s been [Read More…]

Puzzle Piece Rice Crispy Treats- Autism Awareness Month


A few weeks ago I mentioned to Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle that I wanted to do some something for autism awareness month.  She had the fabulous idea to make autism inspired rice crispy treats!  Is she clever or what? (YES!!!!!)  That girl will do anything to use a cookie cutter. Have you seen her collection? ;) Most of you know that I am an autism momma. I know that there [Read More…]

the “A word:” take 10


After years of putting it off, I finally decided to share my story as an autism momma. If this is your first time reading, start here. Unfortunately with a server crash last week, all of my comments were lost from the last six weeks. :( I am most sad about that for this series. The comments have been amaaaaazing! Thank you! I’d love to hear more from you, comment away [Read More…]